Siracusa Collection by Pali Design
Sweet, smart and stylish!
Named for the ancient town of Syracuse on the southern end of Sicily, the Siracusa Collection by Pali is a charming reflection of the essence of this exquisite coastal region. Known as the birthplace of the mathematical genius Archimedes and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Syracuse is a place were art and science live together in harmony. The town’s historically significant collection of buildings and churches that are perched on the edge of the Mediterranean sea showcase a melding of many cultures. It is the synthesis of the intellectual and the cultural diversity in this striking town that sets this point on the sea apart. The Siracusa Collection is a reminder that life is both a science and an art and when those two come together in harmony, life is even more beautiful. Gracefully artistic lines reminiscent of the town’s architecture paired with a rhythmic nod to uniformity and mathematical principles in tribute to its most famous resident make this collection a stunning and smart choice for your own adorable little genius.

ProductW x D x H (inches)

2500Siracusa Forever Crib57 x 31 x 48

2505Siracusa Chest36 x 20 x 46

2506Siracusa Double Dresser50 x 20 x 36

2514Siracusa Nightstand21 x 18 x 24

2550Vittoria Forever Crib57 x 31 x 48

5555Bookcase Hutch47 x 14 x 42

9900Changing Tray46 x 19.5 x 5