Belize baby dresser with hutch
Lil Angels - Belize Collection
Double Dresser with Hutch
Also available in White
Charelston baby dresser with hutch
Lil Angels - Charelston Collection
Double Dresser with Hutch
Also available in Antique White
Cube baby dresser 5 drawer
Lil Angels - Cube Collection
5 Drawer Chest
Lil Angels Furniture - Zoom Collection
belize baby dresser
Lil Angels - Belize Collection
6 Drawer Chest
Also available in White
Charelston baby 5 drawer chest
Lil Angels - Charelston Collection
5 Drawer Chest
Also available in Antique White
Cube baby wardrobe
Lil Angels - Cube Collection
Naples baby dresser changer
Lil Angels - Naples Collection
Baby 3 Drawer Dresser
Also available in White
belize Preston 5 drawer
Cube 3 drawer dresser
Lil Angels - Cube Collection
Three Drawer Dresser
Nova collection baby 5 drawer chest
Lil Angels - Nova Collection
5 Drawer Chest
Also available in White
Preston double dresser white
Lil Angels - Preston Collection
Double Dresser with Hutch
Also available in Java
Cube 3 drawer with hutch
Lil Angels - Cube Collection
Three Drawer with Hutch
Nova collection double dresser with hutch
Lil Angels - Nova Collection
Double Dresser with Hutch
Also available in White

 Young America - All Season Collection


Beckett double dresser
Beckett 5 drawer chest
Kerrigan double dresser
Kerrigan pier chest
Haven double dresser
Pine Ridge double dresser
Trinity double dresser
Pali Diamante double dresser
Pali Diamante Chest
Modena double dresser Pali
Pali Modena chest
Sweetheard double dresser
Sweetheart chest

From modern to traditional, each dresser offers a unique style adding a different feel to the room.  Dressers can provide a diaper changing surface for newborns by simply adding a changing pad to the top.  Dressers can be transformed by simply adding mirrors or hutches at a later date.  They grow as your child grows.  A quality dresser doesn't just add beauty and coziness to the room, it becomes part of childhood memories that will stay with your child for a lifetime. 

Our showroom displays the largest selection of baby furniture in Toronto.  Over 10,000 sq.ft of baby and nursery furniture!  With matching gliders and decor.  

What to consider when buying a dresser

You may have been envisioning your dream nursery as soon as you found out a little one was on the way, but when it comes to actually selecting each piece, you’re suddenly plagued with doubts. What should you prioritize as you start shopping for the little one? Thankfully (and also somewhat unfortunately), there is no shortage of advice about putting together your nursery. From friends and family to well-meaning strangers in line at the grocery store, you are bound to be flooded with all kinds of dos and don’ts once you express the slightest hint of indecision.

Here at Brixy, we know exactly what you’re going through, which is why we’ve devised a handy guide to help you figure out what you should prioritize when buying furniture for your nursery. While no resource can compare to the staff at your local independent baby store, having a laundry list of concerns available will help you know just what to ask when you walk in the door.

Below are just a few factors to consider in your quest for the perfect dresser:

Assembly instructions

Is there any assembly required for this piece? And if so, how complicated are the directions? All is not lost if the piece you have your heart set on is a little tricky to put together, since your local baby store staff may have a few tricks up their sleeves to get the job done. Who knows, they may even be willing to deliver the piece and help you assemble it at home.

Coordinating dresser and changing table

If you decide to purchase a dresser and a changing table for your nursery, you may have the option to choose a changing table that matches your dresser. Some baby furniture manufacturers also offer coordinating changing table tops for their dressers, so if you find a piece of baby furniture you love, ask a Brixy baby store staff member about these add-ons.


Certain materials and paints may contain toxins that could put your little one at risk – and may not be so great for your health either. To protect you and your bundle of joy, look out for baby furniture that has been GreenGuard-certified. This certification ensures that specific products including baby furniture have gone through rigorous testing and have met standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. To learn more, stop by your local Brixy baby store!


While your baby’s comfort and safety certainly comes first, don’t be afraid to let your personal tastes influence your decision. Learn what you can about color and style choices before committing to a specific dresser. Keep in mind that the style you choose could also affect how long this furniture stays in your nursery – i.e. whether it can be converted for future use as your little one grows up. Choosing a dresser you can personalize with paint or decals as the years go on could be great for this purpose too.


Depending on the amount of space you have, consolidating a dresser and changing table could be a great option. There are plenty of great combination pieces to choose from, or, if you already have a standalone dresser in mind, you can even look into contour changing pads to place on top of it. The Bump notes that this approach also means you’ll be able to change a diaper whenever and wherever you need to. Lucky you!


This may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to dressers, but trust us, you’ll be amazed at what can slip your mind when you’re busily preparing for the arrival of your little one! If your nursery doesn’t have a hanging closet, for example, you may be interested in dressers that include shelves and a bit of cabinet space, for any adorable ensembles that you don’t want to get balled up with the rest.


How exactly will this piece of baby furniture make its way to your home? Check with your local baby store to see if you can arrange for a delivery. This could be the deciding factor if you live in an apartment building with a less-than-reliable elevator!

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