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Stone Harbor Convertible crib and a Double Dresser
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Modern two tone trends in fashion and design create a unique canvas to add bright colors into your nursery .  Collection includes a 3 drawer dresser, hutch, 5 drawer chest, an armoire and a night stand.

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Baby Furniture & Décor

Amidst all the preparations you’re making before your little one arrives, decorating the nursery can be one of the most exciting – and surprisingly complicated! You and your baby will be spending plenty of time in this space for the next few years, so the choices you make can have a big impact on your infant’s development – not to mention your own sanity. Plus, who hasn’t spent some time daydreaming about mobiles, wall coverings and other adornments to make their nursery extra cozy?

Deciding on the right decor for your nursery means selecting from an incredible array of flat-out adorable themes, from jungle to nautical, while making sure that every piece of baby furniture meets all of your needs for comfort and security. This can be a tricky line to walk, but thankfully the experts at your local Brixy store can help you pick the perfect baby products to match any motif and keep your little one safe and sound!

Changing Tables & Dressers

Even before you bring your little one home, you’ll probably be amazed and just how much stuff babies need! From toys and diapers to an endless array of adorable onesies (Okay, maybe we all go a bit overboard with these!), there are plenty of baby products to try and keep track of, let alone store! That’s why two of the most important pieces of baby furniture to invest in at this time are changing tables and dressers – or some combination of both.

If you’re furnishing a pretty tight space, or prefer furniture that is multi-functional, you may be interested in a sturdy dresser that also acts as a changing table, or can be outfitted with a matching table top. Just make sure that this baby furniture can make up for any shortfalls in storage elsewhere in your nursery. Sure, there will be days when it looks like a baby store has exploded in your nursery, but with the right dresser/changing table combo, you have the power to restore some order!

Should you rock your little one to sleep each night?

Rocking your little one to sleep can be a joyful experience, but too much motion may affect their slumber.

Rocking your little one to sleep in a comfy glider may rank as one of your favorite parenting moments. However, while this movement is a great way to soothe your little one, some experts say constant motion might actually keep your baby from slumbering.

"If the child is always sleeping in motion — in strollers or cars — he probably doesn't get the deep, more restorative sleep due to the stimulation of motion," pediatrician Marc Weissbluth told BabyCenter in an interview.

Of course, Weissbluth doesn't advise parents to wake up a sleeping infant who has dozed off in a car seat on a long journey (and parents definitely deserve some peace and quiet when traveling with baby!). Instead, he warns against consistently relying on gentle motion to get your little one to rest.

Instead, Weissbluth recommends using rocking motions to calm your infant during a tantrum and help them on their way to La La Land – just be sure to transfer your baby to her crib or bassinet soon after she's finally nodded off.

The Baby Sleep Site also notes that babies may come to associate motion with slumber, so they may have difficulty sleeping if they aren't being gently rocked. The ability to fall asleep by themselves is important for every child's development – and every parent's sanity! With that in mind, avoid the temptation to pop your little one in a swing to encourage slumber.

With so much parenting advice coming from all sides, it can be difficult for any mom or dad to know what's best for their little one. Brixy store owners and staff are always on hand to provide honest opinions about baby products and trends.
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